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About Our Team

Palmwood Center for Psychological Services P.A.

We are a group of Licensed Psychologists and Neuropsychologists with over twenty-five years of experience located in Sunrise, Florida.  We have been providing comprehensive psychological services to a diversified patient population since 1989. We treat patients  through all stages of their life (from childhood to advanced ages) and aid them in resuming optimal functioning both cognitively and interpersonally.  We employ a variety of treatment strategies including Cognitive/Behavioral psychotherapy as well as empathic insight oriented psychotherapy into our treatment approach. We provide guidance and direction to help motivate you when you are stuck in a negative cycle that has been holding you back from achieving the goals that you have set for yourself. The psychotherapeutic process is geared towards uncovering areas of difficulty that are acting as impediments to achieving homeostasis or balance in your life.  We want to help you to achieve and maintain optimal functioning and a more satisfying and rewarding  life.  Some issues that can contribute to  disequilibrium and may cause  people to feel stuck and prevent them from moving forward include: cognitive difficulties, emotional difficulties, (depression and anxiety), family problems, communication difficulties at home or work, health related concerns and coping with the daily psychosocial stressors that you are confronted with.  We evaluate and treat individuals who are suffering from a variety of  stress inducing problems that include memory deficits, Alzheimer's Disease, Traumatic Brain Disorders , Post Traumatic Stress Disorders as well as adjustment disorders resulting from psychosocial stressors (marital problems, family problems and relationship issues) .  We provide direct feedback and  supportive guidance to help enable you to overcome obstacles that are preventing you from  developing and maintaining a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.  We offer a solution oriented treatment approach to help restore balance in people's lives.  Our goal is to promote emotional growth and well-being in the people that we treat.

We Help People Help Themselves.



Marlene Gray, Psy.D. : Dr. Gray has owned and operated Palmwood Center for Psychological Services P.A.  since 1989.  She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been providing services to patients on both an outpatient basis (in her office) and inpatient basis at a number of local hospitals and rehabilitation facilities where she holds privileges. The services that she provides includes psychological assessments and treatment of emotional disorders.  In addition, she helps people cope with issues associated with depression and anxiety as well as marriage and family problems, difficulties in communication and aiding people in their adjustment to life after a major trauma.  She incorporates relaxation training and self-hypnosis into her treatment protocol.  She also provides pre-surgical assessments and treatment of  patients who are considering undergoing Bariatric/Weight reduction surgery. In addition, she treats patients who suffer from hearing impairment and communication difficulties.   Dr. Gray works with both individuals and families in order to help reduce stress and improve interpersonal effectiveness.  She also performs evaluations on patients preparing to undergo organ transplantation or implantation of a spinal cord stimulator used to offset intractable pain.  In addition, she provides evaluation and treatment for individuals requiring Vocational Rehabilitation Services or Social Security Disability Assessments. Dr. Gray provides psychotherapy that incorporates Cognitive Behavioral, Insight Oriented and Supportive psychotherapeutic techniques. Dr. Gray’s services are covered by most health insurance plans.


Dr. Gray received her Doctor of Psychology degree (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.  She received her Master's Degree and Bachelor's Degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz.  She completed her Internship at the Children’s Psychiatric Center in Miami, Florida.  She has been a Broward County Court Psychologist and Forensic Psychologist in both New York and Florida.  She was previously on the Board of United Hearing and Deaf Services of Broward County (which is now the Center for Hearing and Communication) for many years.  Dr. Gray is on staff at a number of local hospitals including, North Shore Hospital (Florida Medical Center Campus), Westside Regional Medical Center, University Hospital and Pavilion, Coral Springs Medical Center, Northwest Regional Hospital and Health South Sunrise Rehabilitation Hospital.  Her hospital affiliations enables her to follow a patient through all stages of illness.  This helps to facilitate a smooth transition between inpatient medical treatment and/or acute inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient care.  Her ability to seamlessly follow patients on both an out patient and inpatient basis can help reduce stress and alleviate the anxiety associated with admission to a hospital and follow-up care.  She also works with patients in dealing with the emotional challenges that they are confronted with after being diagnosed with a medical illness.


Alec Roth, Ph.D.:  Dr. Roth is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in neuropsychological testing, general psychological testing and psychotherapy. He is a founding member of Palmwood Center for Psychological Services. His neuropsychological practice focuses on providing diagnostic assessments and treatment of individuals with known or suspected brain injuries, problems occurring secondary to a cerebral vascular accident (stroke) or chronic brain related illnesses.  He has also provided supportive psychotherapy to patients and their families. Areas of special interest to Dr. Roth include providing psychological care to patients suffering from dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and other brain related conditions. Dr. Roth provides supportive and cognitive behavioral therapy to patients suffering from depression,  anxiety, adjustment to illness or family related issues. 


Jonathan Pearlson, Psy.D.: Dr. Pearlson is a bi-lingual licensed Psychologist who specializes in neuropsychological testing, general psychological testing and psychotherapy. Dr. Pearlson works with patients across their lifespan including children, adults and the elderly (geriatrics).  He provides diagnostic services that includes neuropsychological evaluation and assessment of patients suffering from memory disorders, dementia,  Alzheimer's disease, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, concussions, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke), chronic medical conditions resulting in cognitive impairments and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He evaluates and treats adult and elderly (geriatric) patients as well as provides assistance in garnering accommodations for younger patients who suffer from attention deficits, learning disabilities or require evaluation for Gifted Placement. In addition, he  provides psychotherapy for individuals suffering from emotional and/or behavioral difficulties.  Dr. Pearlson also conducts evaluations for patients who are seeking Social Security Disability and  for individuals receiving services from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. He has worked extensively with the Veteran's Administration and currently works with active members of the  Military. 


Dr. Pearlson completed his clinical psychology training at Nova Southeastern University where he was granted a Doctor of Psychology degree (Psy.D.) in 2013. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Islamic/Middle Eastern Studies and a Minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University in May 2008.  He completed his pre-doctoral Internship at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center in June 2012.  He also completed a two year post doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at VA Maine Health Care System  and served on staff at the VA  New Jersey Health Care System from 2015-2016. 


Leslie Michelle Diaz-Ortiz, Ph.D. is a bi-lingual Licensed Psychologist who specializes in neuropsychological testing, general psychological testing and psychotherapy.  Dr. Diaz-Ortiz works with both adults and children.  She completed a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Mental Health and a minor in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus.  She obtained a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Ponce Health Services University-PSHU (formerly Ponce School of medicine).  Dr. Diaz-Ortiz completed a clinical internship at the PSHU Wellness Center and Damas Hospital, where she trained in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and neurocognitive rehabilitation of adults.  Her doctoral dissertation focused on the study of epigenetic mechanisms in children with Autism.  Later, she completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Neuropsychology at the Nicklaus Children's Hospital (formerly Miami's Children's Hospital), where she trained in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and neurocognitive rehabilitation of pediatric populations suffering from complex medical conditions.  Dr. Diaz-Ortiz specializes in developmental, diagnostic and neuropsychological evaluations.  She also works on the development of interventions for people with medical, neurological, developmental and neurodegenerative disorders affecting their mood and behavior.