What To Expect

The Check-In Process

The check in process at our office is no different than any other doctor's office. When you arrive, our secretary will ask you for a picture I.D. and your health insurance card(s) for photocopying. After your cards are returned, you will be asked to have a seat in our waiting room. We usually ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that our staff can prepare your health information charts. We pride ourselves on being on time for your scheduled appointments at our office.


If you have been referred to our office for a neuropsychological evaluation, your physician has asked us to provide him/her with details about your cognitive (brain) functioning. If you are coming to our office for a neuropsychological evaluation, you should expect to be assessed over 2 to 3 extended appointments depending upon your needs. You will not be given any invasive procedures like an injection or asked to have a CT scan or an x-ray in our office. Please bring a list of your current medications and the types of vitamins that you are taking. We also ask that you bring copies of any previous  psychological or neuropsychological assessments, reports or x-ray examinations (CT or MRI of the Brain).

Initial Appointment:

During your initial appointment at our office, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive interview. If you prefer, you may have a family member join you for the interview portion of the evaluation. The doctor's may use a wide variety of assessment tools geared towards helping them understand if the problems that you are experiencing are being caused by changes in the way your brain is functioning or are occurring secondary to depression, anxiety or other psychologically based issues. For patients who do not require pre-authorization from their insurance programs, the doctor will then start the formal assessment.  We will submit a request to  your insurance company in order to have your evaluation approved.   You will then be contacted by our office in order to set up an appointment.

First Testing Appointment:

The first appointment at our office will last for two (2) hours and will involve having the doctor administer the psychological assessment procedures to you. These procedures will be used by the doctor in order to identify strengths and weakness in your brain functioning as pertains to memory and learning, visual spatial abilities, language skills , how well you multi-task, your reaction time, your intellectual functioning and attention skills.  Personality testing will also be administered.

Second Testing Appointment:

The second two (2) hour appointment is a continuation of the first appointment which has been broken down into two sessions in order to help reduce fatigue and maximize your performance.

Third Appointment (if necessary):

If the need for a third appointment is required in order to complete the evaluation we will inform you of this in advance.

Once your assessment has been completed the doctor will evaluate the results and then write a comprehensive report that includes a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. This report will be sent directly to the doctor who referred you to our office.  You can expect your report will be ready in approximately 2 weeks after completion of the evaluation. Your referring physician will explain the contents of the report to you. If you would like additional information about our findings, you can also schedule a follow-up appointment at our office. You can also request that a copy of our report be sent to your psychologist if you require it for Social Security Disability determination, for Vocational Rehabilitation services, for an insurance company that you are working with or in order for you to obtain classroom accommodations.